About Us

The registered offices of Deutsche Bank Foundation are in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. Its business office is in Frankfurt am Main. 

Board of Directors
Dr. Clemens Börsig (Chairman)
Michael Muench (Deputy Chairman)
Claudia Lange

Managing Director
Joerg Eduard Krumsiek

Capital base
The foundation capital is € 136,4 million.

Deutsche Bank Foundation was established in January 2005 as an incorporated foundation with legal capacity; it directly and exclusively pursues charitable purposes. It was created through the merger of Alfred Herrhausen Stiftung Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe and Deutsche Bank Kulturstiftung.

Preceding foundations
Deutsche Bank Stiftung Alfred Herrhausen Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
The Foundation was established in 1986 at the initiative of the then Spokesman of Deutsche Bank Board of Directors Alfred Herrhausen – and renamed after him following his murder. It was the first vehicle in which Deutsche Bank institutionalised its social commitment. By 2004, more than €60 million had been raised to support people in hardship, to sponsor disadvantaged young people and for a wide range of social and educational projects.

Deutsche Bank Kulturstiftung
On the occasion of its 125th anniversary in 1995, the Bank consolidated its wide-ranging cultural commitment under this Foundation. By 2004, the foundation had supported more than 700 projects in fine arts, theatre, literature and music with approximately €30 million in total sponsorship.


Deutsche Bank Foundation focuses its support primarily on educational and social projects, while its cultural program concentrates on art and music. The main objective of the Foundation is to foster projects that ideally combine these aspects and encourage young people to realize and develop their full potential. The Foundation’s Alfred Herrhausen Fund supports initiatives aimed above all at improving the career prospects of disadvantaged young people.

Education – Enabling Talent
We want to give children and young people an appetite for education and help them to overcome their personal limitations through education. Therefore, we initiate and support projects which open up new cultural horizons for children and young people, provide practical experience to prepare them for the job market and help them to develop their economic skills. The focus is on students with an immigrant background and those who will be first in their families to attend university. We believe that talent and ambition should be given the opportunity to unfold and develop irrespective of an individual’s ethnic origin, status or social background to enrich our society.

Art and Music – Fostering Creativity
Our commitment to art
From the Polish art prize “Views” to individual exhibitions of modern and contemporary artists to the Deutsche Bank Stiftung Art Youth Prize – sponsoring art is a cornerstone of our work.

Our commitment to music
Music unites people. We support talented young musicians and our commitment is long-term – whether the promotion of contemporary music or providing key impulses for the reception of the classics.

Social Investments – Creating Opportunity
Deutsche Bank Foundation’s social projects are shaped by the intention to enable and empower people going through a difficult time in their life to change their situation. To this end, we support targeted vocational training and personal assistance tailored to the individual’s needs. The focus is on projects which broaden the employment prospects of socially disadvantaged and disabled young people.          



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